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Wildlife Filmmaking.

Terrestrial, Aerial and Marine Natural History Films.


Rémi Demarthon
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Writer // Director // Underwater Cameraman // Drone Pilot

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Formally trained as a director for Natural History documentaries (IFFCAM, France), Rémi is both an experienced technician and naturalist. As comfortable on land as he is in water, Rémi’s industrious, versatile and creative approach to filmmaking means he is constantly looking for original settings and rarely observed behaviour.

An experienced scuba and freediver, Rémi has travelled all over the world to film the oceans inhabitants, from whale sharks in the Maldives, to Mediterranean fin whales and loggerhead turtles. Whilst on land he has summited mountains to film golden eagles and bearded vultures, interviewing scientists and conservation experts along the way. 

Rémi’s inspiration is drawn from man’s complex relationship with Nature and he is ardent in his cinematographic exploration of the emotions it gives rise to in both humans and animals.

His last productions have been selected for and awarded prizes at several international festivals.

Swords & Fangs (2020)

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Laurel Official Selection 2020 White.png

The City of Dusky Groupers (2019)


Emotional Animals (2018)

A show for a change cinematography award
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Tulum World Environ
OFFICIAL SELECTION - International Natur

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Alexandra Childs
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Marine Biologist // Researcher

Writer // Underwater Camerawoman


Alexandra is a formally trained Marine Biologist (Bangor University, UK) specialising in animal behaviour and sharks. She has extensive scientific research and conservation experience having worked with both marine animals, such as whale sharks and turtles; and terrestrial mammals - black rhinoceros, lions and African elephant. 

A seasoned freediver, scuba-diver and hiker Alexandra has transferred her knowledge and inherent understanding of animal behaviour into her filming practice. Through her work on short films for the Maldives Whale Shark Research Programme and The City of Dusky Groupers she has honed her skills as an underwater camerawoman. In 2020 she co-wrote, directed and filmed a 52 minute documentary about the unique wildlife found on and around the island of Saint Helena (Saint Helena a Bastion of Biodiversity) and the incredible conservation work being done to protect them.

As a hardworking, organised individual and creative problem solver, Alexandra’s passion for conservation has taken her all over the world to work in remote and isolated locations. Her experience from having lived amongst a variety of cultures, previous roles as a science communicator and marketing coordinator, on top of her formal education as a Sociologist (University of Exeter, UK), have equipped her with the interpersonal  skills and expertise needed for the production of Natural History documentaries.


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